The most naturally driven, flavor infused, joint on the market! We don’t let anything touch our joints but all-natural premium Ingredients. We take Premium Flower Infuse it with kief and our proprietary “Fruit Powder”. Load it all into a 100% Organic Hemp Paper that we flew in from France. Then package it in a beautiful recyclable aluminum branded tube. The Juicy Joint is an unrivaled experience that has taken us countless hours to create. Grab a pack now and taste what you have been missing.


One of the most flavorful, all-natural carts on the market. We take some of the best distillate in the country and Infuse it with all-natural non-solvent based organic fruit terpenes. (None of that synthetic garbage) All that fruity goodness is lovingly filled into our custom, all ceramic internal core cart. Then packaged into a collectable aluminum case.